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Alexa Ranking VS Google Page Ranking – Improving Tips

If you are an online marketer then you many know about Alexa ranking and Page ranking. They are very important because they tell people about the value of your website. Only creating a blog doesn’t mean that people should visit your blog regularly and there are also many niche blogs.


So, who is the best? In this case, people increase targeted traffic and improve search engine ranking. I’m sure that, there are a lot of people who are really very worried to improve search engine ranking and also for Google Page Ranking and only little amount of them feel worry to Improve Alexa Ranking but still Alexa ranking is important to every online marketer, developers and also for bloggers.

Let me discuss about Alexa Ranking VS Google Page Ranking – Improving Tips. I’ll try my best but if I miss anything then don’t forget to tell me through comments.


Do you know that, Alexa is one of the best website analytic company all over the world. They tell people about the valuable information of your blog. I should say from my own experience that, improving Alexa ranking is not too hard job.Alexa ranking always depends on your blog niche and
your blog’s traffic. I’ve seen that, people are improving Alexa ranking and come around 10lacks within a month.

Why you should improve Alexa ranking

There are many causes to improve Alexa ranking.

Let me show you some important points to improve Alexa ranking. At this moment, a lot of ad publisher checks Alexa ranking before moving anybody into their network.

For example: Buy Sell Ads & Mad Media Ads. Just think about Buy Sell Ads, people are earning thousands of dollars from Buy Sell Ads and they check Alexa ranking before moving someone into their network.

Not only about ad publishing networks. Generally people who are looking for a good website or blog to advertise they should check also the Alexa ranking before select a website or blog.

In this case, if your blog’s Alexa rank is not good then no one should choose your website or blog
for advertising. Alexa ranking proves the popularity of your website or blog.


If you are serious about your blog or website then you should improve your Alexa Ranking to prove and show the popularity of your website or blog. If you want to make your website or blog valuable then you should plan a goal for your website to improve Alexa ranking of your blog.

Don’t worry, I’ll discuss about this. I’m just telling here, work hard to complete your goal to make some extra from online, you know.

How you should improve Alexa Ranking

Like other ranking it doesn’t depend on No-Follow or Do-Follow backlinks. Alexa ranking just depends on the blog’s niche and then it depends on the traffic of that blog.


So, if you are able to drive targeted traffic to your blog from Facebook, twitter or search engines then easily you an improve Alexa ranking.

I should not explain here about improving Alexa ranking. Just keep some points in your mind, to improve Alexa ranking you should care about:

  • On Page Optimization:On Page Optimization should help you to improve your Alexa Ranking. People optimize on page for genuine traffic and search engines. Search Engines are not any part here. If you target a big goal then you should think to drive targeted traffic to your blog and in this case, you must have to optimize on page of your blog.
    So, do it properly. If you don’t know then you many read another article of this blog.


  • Update your blog daily:This is really important to improve genuine trafficand Alexa ranking. This way really works well. If you don’t believe this then don’t publish any article on your blog minimum 3
    days and after 3 days update your blog and just share it on your social profiles and you should see that you are getting 70% more traffic than previous days. Not only about genuine traffic, if you update your blog regularly then your blog’s traffic should think that you are serious about your blog and it also helps much to boost Google PR and Alexa Ranking.
  • Quality Article:Quality articles are always very much important. This is important to improve Google page ranking and also for Alexa Rank. Be sure that your blog’s content is unique or not before publish it on your blog. If you are not able to write high quality articles then you should read another article on this blog to improve your article writing skill.
  • Ignore Copycat Content:Oh no. Just ignore it always. If you are serious about your blog then you should surely ignore copycat contents. This is really harmful to improve Alexa ranking and Page ranking. Search engines should kick your blog from their networks if you do this.
  • Improve Social Media Popularity:At this moment social media works best to improve targeted traffic and quality of a blog. So, open your social media accounts and increase fans there. At this moment, Ad
    publishers also care about social media popularity. I’ll personally suggest you to increase your social media fans to improve your blog’s ranking and quality.

Google Page Rank
is really important. If you can do Search Engine Optimization properly then you can improve your Google Page Rank.Actually, it promotes your blog articles on search engines and helps
you so much to improve search engine ranking. Recently, I’ve seen an article of matt cutts and
he has written about this. “Google Page Rank doesn’t help much for better search engine ranking“. Actually, people think, page rank is the great source to promote blog’s contents on search engines. Google is really about this and last time a lot of blog’s page rank got down. The Page Rank tool is totally by Google Inc. but if you check Google’s own page rank then you’ll see that Google got page rank 9 out of 10 and if you check Twitter then you should see that Twitter got 10 out of 10.
Google work honestly with their all customers, members, guests and fans.

This is not really an easy job to improve Google Page Ranking.

Generally, Google updates page ranking tool minimum 3/4 times per year but last year they updated only two times for some reasons.Page rank calculated by quality of backlinks, quality of contents, quality of inbound links, quality of traffic, on page SEO etc.

Actually you should do everything honestly and properly to boost your page ranking. I’ll
publish another article with some killers tips to improve Google page ranking.  Alexa Ranking vs. Page Ranking So now, we know about both and what they actually do for us.


Which Is Much Important

How I say, which one is much important among them? Actually, Alexa ranking tells people about the website information and rank in different countries. Google page rank proves the value of your website or blog.Both are important and you should work hard to improve both of them. If you want to tell from your own experience that which one is much important and also tell us that,


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