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Top 5 Best Adsense Alternatives For Your Blog

Nowadays, Everyone wants to make some extra bucks from their home without going outside. And few of them are earning well from their living room. But the majority of them failed to earn and finally they giveup. If you have a blog or website, then it is very easy to make money online through digital marketing. It needs passion and hard work to achieve the goal.

Many bloggers are using Google Adsense or other ads to monetize their blog and make money. I am also using Google Adsense to make money. As you know, Getting Google Adsense approval is getting very very difficult day by day. { I am not demotivating you].

If you are eligible then try to apply for Google Adsense. But somehow, If you get rejected or banned, then no need to worry at all. You can use many other Adsense alternatives to make equivalent amount as Adsense pays. In this article, I have short listed the top 10 popular, high paying top Google Adsense Alternatives to monetize or earn revenue from your blog.


Top 10 High paying Google Adsense Alternatives:

#1. Revenue Hits:  RevenueHits is one of the best advertising network. This is a CPA based ads network that pays for each and every eCPM. This advertising network has helped many blogger to make huge money just by blogging. It has an interesting platform that pays decent money to the bloggers.

This is a Geo Targeted and Contextual ad network. You can register free of cost and start making money. After applying, they will approve or disapprove
your account after viewing your blog or website. Its payment method are by Paypal, Wire, Payoneer.
#2. Adversal:  Adversal is also getting popular and works better than Chitika. It provides awesome banners, CTR and good revenue. It also provides good looking image for ads. It is almost similar to Google Adsense due to its high CTR.

The best thing about this is that it supports many languages. The minimum requirements before applying for Adversal is that your blog must get a minimum of 50,000 page view per month. It pays through Paypal.
#3. Bidvertiser: Bidvertisers offers intriguing ad formats and support Pop up under ads and XML feeds. It provides free design formats and helped many bloggers to suceed.

It pays for every valid click because it track the location and ip address of the customer.
#4. Infolinks: This is one of the mostly used ad network by millions of blogger world wide. It needs high traffic to turn valid click into money. It provides four different types of ad formats. These are listed below:
Intext: It shows double underline or dotted single line below the keywords in your blog. When you move your mouse cursor over the keyword, they show the ads. It generates high money.
Inframe: It shows ads on your blog or website’s sidebar.
Infold: It provides user relevant ads in your blog [What the user have searched before coming to your blog].
Intag: This also shows double line under relevant keywords and shows ads when you move the cursor over there.
You can also earn revenue by referring to other users through your referral link. Its approval is very easy and fast. Within two days after applying, you can show Infolinks ads on your blog.
5. BuySellAds: This is the best choice if you have space on your blog or website and want to sell to the clients. Buysell Ads helps you to find the right customer as per the traffic of your blog. You have to publish your ad on the
Buysell ads wait for some day until you get a right customer. BSA pays 75% of the revenue on appealing on it. Its pays through paypal twice in a month. There is no any minimum limit to issue payment. In this way, you can monatize as well as make money online without doing any official job.

Final Words:In this article, I have only short listed the top paying ads network to make decent money. I recommend you to use these and let me know what do you think about these ads network. In the next article, I will share other high paying ads network till then try to use above ads networks and drive more traffic.
Happy Blogging!.

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